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What Does a Firm-Wide Risk Assessment Look Like?

17 October 2023

Firm-Wide Risk Assessments (FWRA) are a common area of regulatory non-compliance in legal practices. Many law firms draft FWRAs that fall short of the level of detail required, data sets and topics that need to be included. So widespread is the problem, that the SRA is including particular scrutiny of FWRAs as part of its ongoing campaign for AML thematic review visits to law firms around the UK.

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What Is the Lexcel Standard?

25 September 2023

Introduced in 1998 to the world as a response to the growing need for consistency and quality in legal services, the Lexcel standard has become a beacon of legal best practice. Inspired in part by ISO standards, this framework, developed by the Law Society of England and Wales, aims to empower legal professionals to enhance their operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and client satisfaction, whilst reducing risk and nurturing innovation, growth and performance.

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A Video on How To Check for Cookies on a Website

31 August 2023

Compliance with PECR (the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003) requires that Cookies on websites are deployed appropriately.

The SRA Code 2019 for legal practices, paragraph 2.1a, requires for practices to comply not only with SRA regulation, but also other regulation and legislation which apply to them.

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15 ‘Essentials’ for Managing Risk During Home Working

27 March 2020

Homeworking is being ‘proven’ (albeit, forcibly) as being partially viable in the current Coronavirus national emergency. It’s worth bearing in mind that on the back of this, some of our working practices are going to change, forever. It’s a worthwhile investment of time therefore, to get rules and structures in place, right from the start.

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10 ‘Essentials’ for Video Conferencing

27 March 2020

During the current Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ homeworking has been adopted by millions of us as the primary means of continuing business activity. The scale use of video/Internet conferencing has exploded; a visit to Amazon will reveal that all of the mid-range webcams are completely sold out!

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Perspective in Practice: Faking It (Even if You Didn’t Really Mean To)

21 June 2019

Whilst waiting for a train last week, I overheard a (loud) telephone conversation where a legal service provider was discussing their imminent change of Case Management System (‘CMS’). (I’ll put aside the faux pas of broadcasting confidential information in a public space for another day, although I’m grateful to that individual because I did find what I heard thoroughly interesting!)

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Perspective in Practice: The Data You Didn’t See

24 May 2019

As we move very pleasantly, into what promises to be an uncommonly sunny late-May Bank Holiday weekend, I wanted to share some insight in respect of a risk that is rearing its head.

When you welcome new clients or customers on board, they probably receive terms of business/terms and conditions that would nowadays most likely include information about data protection.

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Perspective in Practice: The Risks of Free-To-Use Messaging Apps

21 February 2019

By chance, I was contacted yesterday with a query about the use of apps (like WhatsApp) and ‘basic’ text messaging as a form of general communication between clients and service providers. I had intended to produce an article on this very subject in any case, but yesterdays’ enquiry accelerated the process!

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Perspective in Practice: Appointing a Data Protection Leader; Not a DPO

20 February 2019

I’m frequently asked by organisations about the appropriate person to appoint as the individual responsible for data protection. By the time they ask me this question, many have already appointed a senior person in their organisation, usually under the banner of Data Protection Officer.

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Perspective in Practice: The Unseen Danger; Data Subject Access Requests

10 July 2018

Now that we have crossed over into the new regulation for the protection of data, there are troublingly clear indications that preparations have not been as rounded as they need to be.

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