The 'BPG'  brings together legal practices of all shapes and sizes who wish to confidentially discuss and share knowledge of best practice, including compliance with regulation, the Lexcel Standard, CQS, SQM, and in support of managing risk.


Membership is free. Yes, free.

And, by invitation.



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Who attends the BPG sessions?
Each firm has the opportunity for up to two people (typically Partners/Directors, Compliance Managers or HR Mangers) to attend each session.

We limit the numbers to an average of only 8 practices per session.



Where do we meet?
That's easy; we run the sessions all over the UK. The membership is organised into regional groups across the UK, who meet in dedicated sessions, of around 2 hours, every six months. During COVID pandemic conditions, each regional cohort meets using a dedicated, secure online conferencing platform.



Who decides what topics the sessions will cover?

Again, that's easy; you do!

The content of each session is decided upon, in advance, by the members themselves.

Sessions are 'structured discussions' led by our facilitators.



What have BPG sessions covered recently?

  • Compliance with the 2019 SRA Code (and juxtaposed with Lexcel)
  • Data protection and InfoSec
  • Balancing compliance work with fee earning
  • AML systems
  • Financial growth
  • COVID-19 risk and operational controls
  • Brexit systems and preparation



Who are the Facilitators/Founders?

Neil Partridge, Operations Director at PDA Legal. (Profile here)

Samantha Aldridge, Director at P&P Hub Ltd. (Profile here)



If these sessions are run for free, surely there must be a catch!

No, there's none. Really.

The Founders review the cost situation, usually every January. Subject to the outcome of the review, it is our genuine intention to continue to keep Membership to the regional meetings free of charge.

And no, we don't 'harvest' personal data, either.



What about confidentiality?

Members are not obliged to talk about anything the don't want to.

To encourage openness of discussion, confidentiality is at the heart of the conduct of the Group. We ask all members to comply with the Chatham House Rule, both during the sessions and the private LinkedIn group.



What do existing Members say about the BPG?

“The structure was great and allowed for lots of discussion.”

“A fantastic session which I feel privileged to be part of.”

“Excellent forum - much needed.”

“It covered the topics in an informative, interesting and engaging way.”

“Very useful to meet and hear views of others.”

“Very well organised. Very well presented.”



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Or message Neil or Samantha, through  LinkedIn Profiles. Just click below

Neil Partridge, click here

Samantha Aldridgeclick here

Augmenting your training and development evidence portfolio

Members receive a certificate after each 6-monthly BPG session that they attend.




The BPG also maintains a wealth of free assets to support legal practices.

Detail in this column.



A private BPG Forum on LinkedIn.

All Group members are invited to join the BPG Forum. The Forum is invisible on LinkedIn to all except BPG members. It operates with the same ethos as the face-to-face sessions; to exchange guidance and best practice in a confidential environment.




Podcasts and videos

When not recording or supporting content for the Law Society, we produce our own bite-size videos and Podcasts on hot-topic subjects.

We record two new Podcasts every month. We are told by practices that these are often used for staff training or to support compliance management.

Click image below to go to the Podcast and video page to browse the library.



PDF Checklists that you can download

Checklist for post-COVID regrowth. This lauded checklist provides checkpoints for consideration under the topic headings of ‘business systems’ and ‘people’.

Data protection checklist / questionnaire. A ‘barometer’ of your data protection status.

Cyber security checklist / questionnaire (and report). An overview of your current cyber security status (including your readiness for Cyber Essentials).

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Feedback from Member feedback forms