Client Feedback

Some of what clients have said about us as trainers, assessors and consultants

Unquestionably, the best session on GDPR that I have attended. At last, someone has presented it in a way that makes sense!”

“I came to hear about the new version of Lexcel, but actually learned more about GDPR than on any of the other courses I’ve been to.”

“The trainer/presenter was really engaging.”

“This was by far the most rigorous inspection we’ve ever had – but it makes me realise that we are doing well, and I feel the inspection was much more worthwhile than previous ones.”

“The best aspect of the session was the trainers’s ability to get on with staff and gain their confidence, thereby enabling them to provide effective feedback.”

“We were amazed by the detail and depth of the gap analysis report. But, we needed to have the dots joined-up and this was the perfect starting point; thank you!”

Thank you for mapping our data and providing us with a new information asset register. In truth, we had no idea that we had this much data or that it was so spread out.”

“I would like to thank our assessors on behalf of the firm for the excellent job they did and look forward to having them back.”

“The best part of the assessment was the professional approach of the assessor and the ability to communicate freely.”

“The consultant provided excellent support and encouragement throughout the whole process.”

“We were very pleased with the way the assessment was undertaken and compared to other reviews we have been subject to, found it more positive in approach.”

“The assessor was very helpful whilst at the same time maintaining his independence as an assessor.”

“The assessor was fantastic! He is knowledgeable, most helpful and understanding. His calm approach relaxes the situation and makes you feel at ease. Thank you!”

“The assessor works very constructively with us – we tend to identify issues before the inspection and he gives us the tools to deal with them.”