A free of charge 20-minute telephone call on any GDPR topic

Until 30 April 2022, we are providing up to 20 minutes of guidance and support over a telephone call, free of charge, to UK legal practices and UK legal departments, on any UK GDPR query.


The calls are conducted in strict confidence by a data protection specialist from our team.

Booking your free call* is simple:


Just email enquiries@pdalimited.com with a brief ‘headline’ description as to what aspect of GDPR your query is about. 


We will email** you, promptly, with a selection of proposed dates and times, which will usually be within two calendar weeks of your enquiry. 


Choose one and email us with your selection. And, let us know who from your organisation will be on the call and the best telephone number for us reach you on to conduct the call.


We’ll send you an email to acknowledge the booking.


We’ll call you at the agreed date/time.

If your plans change and you need to re-schedule, that’s fine; just email us in advance of the agreed call time to let us know.


If your concern is very urgent (such as dealing with a data breach or a current Data Subject Access Request) you can of course contact us at any time for swift support. ***

Our team is very experienced and knowledgeable, and can provide guidance on most data protection queries, on the spot.

Not all queries however, can be tackled in a single 20-minute telephone call, perhaps for example, because they are lengthy or complex.

If this is the case, during the call we will still aim to provide some outline guidance for next steps for you to take to progress towards a resolution to the query.

If further action or support might be appropriate, we would be pleased to arrange for an additional telephone call or further support, and a fee would be agreed with you before proceeding.

* Limited to one free call per legal practice or legal department.



** The email will include a copy of the Terms and Privacy information under which the free 20-minute GPDR call shall be conducted.

You can also see our general information on Privacy here.

*** Urgent/emergency work at short notice is not intended to be included in the above offer and charges might apply.