GDPR: Supported Guidance Pack

One size most definitely does not fit all.
So says the Information Commissioner


At PDA, we've seen at first hand, the damage that is done by using templates or 'borrowed' documents.

Individual alignment with the GDPR is essential, so we walk you through it in 5 clear stepsto ensure that the outcome is specific and, critically, individual to your organisation.


Our Supported Guidance Pack has been prepared using insight from having conducted bespoke GDPR consultancy and training activity with dozens of organisations.


You do not do it alone:
The Pack includes a 45 minute telephone call with one of our GDPR specialists. You can use that call to ask us questions that have arisen as you worked through the Pack, or just to sound us out on your progress.

What's in our Supported Guidance Pack?

  • The step-by-step guidance notes (in the form of a password-protected webpage)
  • A downloadable Excel worksheet; to chart your progress through the preparation
  • A 45 minute telephone call with one of our GDPR specialists (you book this with us when you have reached end of Step 2)

How the Pack works:

You approach this at your own pace:

  • You use the guidance notes to support you as you consider the records, documents and training that you should have in place for GDPR.
  • The step-by-step approach is in a logical order and you chart progress (on the Excel sheet, provided) to avoid overlooking key aspects.
  • The guidance notes highlight key points that you will need to consider in the review, as well as providing points of reference, enabling you to set up your data protection team, analyse the gaps and map your data.
  • Gather your queries together and bring them to a scheduled telephone with one of our GDPR specialists.
  • After the telephone call, you complete the updating of your documents and plan/schedule your staff training.

Sustained compliance with GDPR is an ongoing process that is the responsibility of the organisation. Our Supported Guidance Pack demystifies and informs the preparation, working at a pace that you choose.

Take a look for yourself:

You can see excerpts from the Pack, here:

  • Where the Pack mention 'clients', this refers to the people to whom you provide services or goods (including, clients or patients or customers or pupils or students, etc.)
  • Introduction and excerpt from Step 1
  • Excerpt from Step 3

The cost:

£350.00 plus VAT

  • To obtain a copy of the Supported Guidance Pack, simply call or email us here.
  • We email you an invoice for the Pack, together with a copy of our terms and conditions.
  • Payment is made by BACS transfer, after which we will provide you with your dedicated URL and password so that you can access the guidance notes and download your progress-checking Excel file.

Further support: 

  • We can provide additional 1-to-1 support, by telephone, by email or in person, if required.
  • Or, we can conduct the work for you (click here).