GDPR: Training


Well-informed, well-trained staff are likely to be your first line of defence to avoid a breach and to mitigate risk.

The ICO regards it as very important that staff are being informed about what they should look out for and how to respond.  For instance; would every member of your team know how to recognise a Data Subject Access request and know what to do about it?

Training is often one of the early steps for raising staff awareness and bringing staff on-board with best practice., and keeping them there; as is to be expected from the initiation of a new regulation, much information, insight and lessons will emerge over the next year or so; and your staff need to know what to look out for and what to do.

We are pleased to provide training sessions (from 90 minutes in duration, to up 2 days) with a syllabus ranging from a 'grounding on the real world implications of GDPR' to 'expanded specialist sessions' that delve into the fine detail of the requirements of GDPR.


We've recently provided training sessions for;

  • More than 300 senior members of law firms across the UK.
  • An accountancy firm and their clients.
  • Open, cross sector events in London for an auditing organisation.
  • Private, individual sessions for a number of law firms.
  • A national assessment/auditing organisation, for its assessment team.
  • A regional law society, for its members.
  • A regional group of Will-writers, for its members.