Lexcel v6.1 and our work with the Law Society

It's been a pleasure to work with the Law Society for the new version of the Lexcel Standard and in support of promoting best practice on 'hot topics'. 

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Our Operations Director, Neil Partridge, has been especially busy:

  • May 2018: he delivered the training, on behalf of the Law Society, to all of the registered Lexcel assessors and consultants.
  • July 2018: At the Law Society's Annual Conference at Chancery Lane, Neil had the privilege of sitting on two of the expert Panels and delivered a session on the application of Lexcel v6.1. And, he delivered a webinar on Lexcel v6.1 on behalf of the Law Society.
  • July 2018 to March 2019: Neil has delivered more than 20 training sessions in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Truro, Leeds, York and Bristol, to more than 300 Lexcel law firms and legal departments, to prepare them for Lexcel v6.1.


  • April 2019: He spoke at the Law Society's conference on data protection in legal practice.
  • April 2019: Neil presented a two-part Law Society webinar on the application of GDPR in legal practices.
  • May 2019: Neil delivered a Law Society webinar on the trends for non-compliance and best practice for Lexcel v6.1.
  • June 2019: He again had the privilege of leading two sessions at the Law Society's Annual Lexcel conference.
  • June 2019: Neil delivered a webinar on practical aspects maintaining cyber security in legal practices.

Lexcel, GDPR, cyber security, AML and best practice

The changes to Lexcel v6.1 were carefully engineered by the Law Society to support legal practices/departments in pursuance of best practice.

The revised requirements set out the need for documented consideration of the management of key aspects, which are in part if not in whole, linked directly to some of the most imposing new Regulations and areas of increasing risk, to affect legal practice in recent years.

The team at PDA understands the Regulations and, critically, their application, context and linkage in everyday legal environments. 

Consequently, we not only assist practices and departments in their preparation and maintenance for Lexcel assessments; we provide meaningful support for the broader aspects of risk and compliance, too.

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