Lexcel v6.1; we can help you!

Our relationship with Lexcel goes right back to the beginning of the Lexcel standard, in 1998!

We've been privileged to have been rather busy working with the Law Society (click here to read more).


We understand the Lexcel standard; how it works and how it is assessed. We have trained assessors and supported dozens of Practices and Departments in their pursuance and maintenance of the Standard.


Take a look our services; designed to avoid holes and gaps, and to enhance your profitability, Just click these links for details:



Our clients take comfort in the knowledge that everything we do is unique; we don't ever use pre-populated templates because they propagate risk.


After more than 2000 legal sector visits, we know, with absolute certainty, that every firm or department is unique and so the only way to achieve best practice is to approach compliance  individually, every time.

You can read one of our recent articles on the risks of using templates, by clicking here.