Privacy Notices and data protection / privacy policies

We provide legal Practices and other Organisations with Privacy Notices and data protection / privacy policies tailored (as they should be) to each individual organisation.

You hold a unique wealth of personal data. It’s unique because no other organisation in the world will hold and manage its personal data in precisely the same way as you.

All of your Data Subjects should be aware that you hold their personal data, why, for how long and how they can access their data. They should also be told about their Rights as Data Subjects.

This can be communicated via procedures, contracts, Privacy Information Notices, your website, email and other media. But, in any case, it must be should be made clear to the Data Subject, at the time that you first record their personal data.

Who are your data subjects?

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And of course, your staff and others who provide services for you must be clear as to their responsibilities and your expectations where data protection is concerned.

Communicating privacy information is relatively easy with new Data Subjects, but many organisations have some catching-up to do when it comes to their staff, service providers, existing clients and others with whom they are already enjoying a relationship.

You’ll need to be clear as to what data you hold, where, how and why so that you can provide this information clearly and accurately to your data subjects. Your personal data profile is unique and so this where data mapping comes in.

Having understood the parameters of the personal data that you hold, you can communicate your privacy/data protection information appropriately.

As with everything else that we do, all work is intended to be conducted on a fixed fee basis.

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