Support and guidance following regulatory visits

We will help you put right what might have gone wrong

You may have had a visit from the SRA or have undergone a Lexcel assessment or received an enquiry from the ICO and need to conduct remedial action in order to establish or re-establish full compliance with their requirements.

These are troubling situations and usually consume the time of senior staff to resolve.

Don't lose sleep over it.

You need only get in touch with us for a confidential chat, where we can likely provide some immediate guidance and a measure of comfort, together with a plan of action to deal with the concern.


We have provided guidance and physical support to Practices and Departments including:

  • An independent 'before' and 'after' report on AML effectiveness on matter files, following a visit from the police and the SRA.
  • A written statement submitted to an SRA tribunal in respect of concerns over referral fees.
  • A statement and evidence on compliance in response to a missed CQS reporting deadline.


  • Guidance by telephone and email to resolve non-compliances following Lexcel assessments.
  • Informing remedial training planning/scheduling to support a response to the ICO.
  • Authoring revised policies and letters to resolve Quality Concerns raised in an SQM audit.