The ALERT© Process

ALERT© is a process management system used by PDA on all of its assignments regardless of their size and complexity. ALERT© has been developed by PDA based on our vast experience gained through working over many years with law firms and legal departments of all sizes.

Inside the framework of ALERT© you have continuing involvement in, and control over, your projects at every stage.

Where appropriate we allocate agreed Milestones and Key Performance Indicators to the elements of the process so that you can measure the Return On Investment throughout the activities.

Reporting formats are adapted by us to suit the needs of individual organisations. We shape the ALERT©process to fit around you.

Agree the specifics of the project. We will have a detailed discussion with you about the issues to be dealt with, and agree what you want us to do.

Look at the issues to be addressed. We need to look at all aspects of the issues.

Examine and analyse what is found. If we are to make recommendations, we need to undertake a detailed examination and analysis of the information that we have gleaned.

Report You will obviously want to know what we have found and what we recommend, and this information will be provided in a report.

Timetable If you decide to act on any of our recommendations, we will agree a timetabled and measurable action plan with you.